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A Different Tone


I have known many bodies but

right now I only know yours:

adorned in lace, with or without ribbons

or without any adornment at all.

It’s safe: what we do, sticking with you,

loving you or just loving myself    just enough

to let you love me            being together,

feeling that connection –

not concocted.



               The adoration I might show you in the

               morning may by evening take on a

               different tone.

                                             Late in the day

                                             I am more or less worn out

                                             fears collect

                                             hiding in corners before sleep

preventing it.


But maybe midday heat returning will chase

away the strangeness that keeps us apart and

also keeps us together.


Finally    I yawn. I say that’s good                let sleep come.

               Let you come or go,

               I’ll be here when I wake up.         




Gordon Purkis is a writer and artist as well as editor and publisher at Shoe Music Press Two of his latest books Prayerland and If my soul were a country are available on He lives in the Deep South, of which he is most fond.

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